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Emerald Coast Science Center

STEAM Machine: June 1 - July 30

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All aboard the STEAM Machine! Enjoy new hands-on activities each week from June 1 - July 30 on Wednesday and Thursday from 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

  • 31 Memorial Pkwy SW, Fort Walton Beach, FL, 32548, USA
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All aboard the STEAM Machine! Join our newest summer program every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in June and July. Enjoy different activities every week, from animal biology, to engineering, robotics, and more. Explore creative ways to solve challenges with the whole family.

June 1 & 2 – Animal Tracking: Scat, Footprints, Bones
Explore the many ways you can track animals in the wild and try to match the scat, footprints, and bones to their corresponding animal.

June 8 & 9 – Hex Bug Races
Hex bugs are basically micro robots that kids go crazy for. In this activity, guests will set up racetracks, hypothesize which hex bug they believe is the fastest, and test their predictions. So which bug is the fastest? Hop on the bus and find out!

June 15 & 16 – Rocks & Minerals
Discover the differences between rocks and minerals and the classification system that scientists use for each while you engage in a series of tests to correctly identify rocks and minerals—because geology rocks!

June 22 & 23 – Life Cycles
Life cycles can have a variety of phases or have as little as one. This memory game will allow you to explore the different stages of 6 different animals and figure out where they belong in their life cycle.

June 29 & 30 – Constellations
Constellations are groups of stars that make an imaginary shape in the night sky. They are usually named after mythical characters, people, animals, and objects. Climb aboard the bus and build a pipe cleaner version of your favorite constellation to take home with you.

July 6 & 7 – Animals Vision
Every wonder what it would be like to see like another animal? Well, now you can! Test out our different animal glasses on board the STEAM Machine and see if you can match the vision with the animal.

July 13 & 14 – Sphero Maze
Test out your maze-building and robot-using abilities. See if you can safely guide one of our Sphero robots through the maze of your choice and learn how cool robots are!

July 20 & 21 – Anamorphic Art
Anamorphosis is a distorted projection requiring the viewer to occupy a specific vantage point, use special devices, or both to view a recognizable image. In this activity, you will color different anamorphic images.

July 27 & 28 – Moon Craters
In this hands-on activity, you will explore how craters form and what they can teach us about the history and composition of planets and moons.

Access to the STEAM Machine is included with general admission to the museum.
$12 adults/$10 seniors/$10 kids/Kids 2 and under are free

Our STEAM Machine activities are sponsored in part by Cumulus Media

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