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Wisconsin Science Festival

Design Your Own Science Mini-Mural

Free Indoors

***Imagine yourself in the near future as a world-famous scientist

  • United States
  • October 15, 2024 at 1:00 PM
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Imagine yourself in the near future as a world-famous scientist. What do you look like in your lab and what are you working on that might CHANGE THE WORLD??? Materials needed: ~ Chalk or something to draw with ~ Black construction paper or any place to draw ~ And YOU! LEARN A mural is a painting or work of art that is done on a wall, or even a ceiling! Scientists and artists in Wisconsin have been working together to make murals as part of a project called Science to Street Art. This project inspires communities to connect and talk science when they see these large works of art. Learn more about this activity by watching this video. MAKE Use the question prompt listed above to think about your own science story so far and where you might like to see it go. You decide! Use chalk or other drawing utensils to create a mini-mural on a piece of paper or sidewalk. SHARE Tell us about your story and your mural! Email a picture of your creation to info@wiscifest.org or tag us on social media #WiSciFest. Here is the really cool part…your design and ideas from all across Wisconsin will go to inspire a real mural being created at the Discovery Building in Madison that will be featured at the Wisconsin Science Festival!

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Ticket Required: No

Languages: English

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