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Apr 18, 2024
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Aquatic habitat monitoring

Multiple locations, including yours!

  • Ongoing
Citizen ScienceOcean Water MarineBiologyEcology & Environmentriverapplakehabitatstreamsmartphoneaquaticwater

2B Technologies, Inc.

AQTreks (AirQualityTreks)

Monitor air pollution levels and map air pollution around the US

Multiple locations, including yours!

  • Ongoing
Citizen ScienceNature & OutdoorsGeographyEducationCrowd FundingTransportationEcology & EnvironmentComputers & TechnologyClimate & WeatherChemistryOcean Water Marinenaturecarbon dioxideclimate changeec2020databasegirl scoutshikingparticulate matterdataairweather datasummerweatherautumnair pollutioninvestigationenvironmentandroidcommunity-based monitoringscienceglobal warmingequitysmartphone applicationcitizen sciencestemair qualitymobile applicationwinterair quality indexusabicyclingenvironmental justiceair pollution monitoringexperimentclimate monitoringiphoneclimateoutdoorsspringcarbon monoxideapp

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