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May 29, 2023
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Adventure Scientists

Collect data for conservation partners!

  • Ongoing
Citizen ScienceOcean Water MarineHealth & MedicineNature & OutdoorsComputers & TechnologyGeology & Earth ScienceAgricultureBiologyEcology & EnvironmentAnimalsBirdsClimate & WeatherInsects & Pollinatorsadventuremountaineeringbikingkayakingskiinghikescientistskayakcampinghikingresearchbikeconservation

Rob Dunn Lab

Ant Picnic

Inform scientists about global food preferences of ants

  • Ongoing
Citizen ScienceAgricultureFoodOcean Water MarineEcology & EnvironmentEducationInsects & PollinatorsNature & Outdoorssummer reading 2021picnicrob dunnnutritionspringrob dunn laboutsidenorth carolinatop 22 in 2022summertop2022cookiesantantsgirl scoutsfunwinterdunn labyour wild lifediettop viewed 2021wildlifenutrientsant picnicfall

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